Julius Caesar

Landmark Caesar (phone-based – begins February 2018)

Come time travel with the Reading Odyssey to ancient Rome – the decline of the Roman Republic and the rise of Caesar. Caesar was one of history’s great populists (a ‘populare’ in Latin) – and with the rise of populism around the world today his writings have become even more relevant.

We’ll be reading together a selection of Caesar’s writings from the wonderful recently issued Landmark Caesar (published after a decade of work by leading scholars).

And – as always – we’ll have the scholars involved join us in some of our conversations.

Click here to register: https://Caesar2018.Eventbrite.com

See our search and tags to the right for more information on previous books from Aristotle to Darwin and Shakespeare.

07. June 2018 by Arrian
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  1. Will there be a replay available to listen to for these sessions? Unfortunately I have a conflict on the second Tuesday of each month and was looking forward to participating. Thanks.