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Download our ReadingOdyssey-InternshipProgram application.

Reading Odyssey is a global initiative which aims to get more adults reading Homer and many of the classics (Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Plato, Cicero, etc.). In addition to reading groups we run lecture series including Marathon2500, the yearlong lecture series and reading groups on the 2,500-year commemoration of the Battle of Marathon.

In 2015 we are celebrating the 2,500-year annivesary of the first comedy introduced in Athens, with reading groups and a webinar featuring Professor Paul Cartledge and New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff.

The organization is entirely volunteer-run and we are looking for a few dedicated and responsible students to help us. Students will gain experience building a global movement focused on the classics as well as get some good skills in marketing, social media, administration and management. If you are excited about getting more adults reading the classics, then apply for a 2015 Odyssey intern role.

INTERNSHIPS: Scheduled on a 12 week or yearlong basis, unpaid. Participate from anywhere in the world.

Social Media

If you have experience using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or other blogs, or you want to learn and you are a self-starter with good writing skills, then apply for a position as a Social Media Coordinator. You’ll work with our editors and develop skills in writing and leading social media campaigns on global platforms.

Database and Administrative Support

We are building one of the world’s only comprehensive database of university classics departments, high school principals and others. We need help updating and maintaining this database. If you are interested in nonprofit administration or database technology, then apply for this position. You will work one-on-one with a Fortune 500 marketer as we continue to develop this program.

Download our ReadingOdyssey-InternshipProgram application.

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