Bryn Mawr calls Landmark Arrian a ‘clear hit’

Bogdan Burliga of Gdansk University published a glowing review of the Landmark Arrian, the new edition we are currently using in our two Reading Odyssey reading group sections.

Most of the adult readers reading Arrian’s Campaigns of Alexander for the first time are enjoying the experience of reading this very helpful version – the translations, the margin summaries, the introduction, the very short appendices, the index, the wonderful maps, the footnotes – all combine to make this this classic work of history accessible. 

We agree with Bogdan Burliga when he says in the conclusion of his review:

With this path-breaking edition the reader has been equipped with an exceptional inquiry tool. In the Alexander and Arrian studies – a true ktema es aiei [i.e. ‘clear hit’]

– Phil 

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

31. May 2011 by Phil Terry
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