Rules of the road

Pat and I welcome others to join us. All that is required is your own passion. Of course, you don’t have to commit for 20 years. You can join us for any book along the way.Everyone who participates should buy and read “How to Read a Book”. Here’s the link to the edition we’ll be using:

       buy it Amazon here:

– Order of books we read
We will not necessarily go strictly chronologically. Pat and I will pick the order.

– Editions/translations to be used
We’ll also choose the editions – and it will be required that others who participate read the same edition.

– Schedule of calls
We’ll create a schedule for each book.

– Additional books
We may also add books, particularly great books since 1950 and thoseoutside the Western tradition (we have some Islamic, Asian and Africanauthors in mind).

08. May 2005 by readingodysseyauthor
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