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meant to include you in this dialogue Thomas and I are having about “300”, H and his worldview.



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I think you’ll find that as you read H that his worldview will unfold along with the great stories.

i still find myself amazed at how H figured out to ask one of the most important questions we should ask – “how did it come to be that…”?


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Sincere thanks for the invitation. Would definitely take you up, but I need to get in a few more ski days before the weather forces the switch to surfing. Flying West on Friday; back in the city on Tuesday.

Seeing the news previews of “300” today, I was rocked back a bit by the violence, and consequently realized that I’ve been guilty of looking for meaning in H, without living enough in the details. I find myself flipping back-and-forth to my margin notes, and the edition notes, rather than just taking it all in. I’m guessing “300” would cure that quickly. Some writers create such rich word imagery — think Faulkner, for example — that meaning is secondary. Enjoying the words alone would be more than reason enough to read. And while H does occasionally offer an amazing turn of phrase (snippets about war and leisure both come to mind) I believe his real value is going to come when we finally crack his world-view. Anyway…

Enjoy it without me. And thanks again for allowing me to join. This is fun.

Regards, TE.

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