Kerry Cooper (RO1)


Kerry Cooper is VP of Retail and Demand Planning for the Dockers brandof Levi Strauss & Co. In her role in planning, Kerry’s teams aresitting side-by-side with our retailers to drive door by door planning.In her role in retail, Kerry is leading the growth of retail stores for Dockers, including outlets, e-commerce and the launchin 2007 of mall-based stores. The Dockers brand is one of the top tenrecognized apparel brands in the world but has a very poor customerexperience through our retail partners. We’re looking to build a uniquecustomer experience through controlling our brand experience at retailand online.

Kerry has been at Levi Strauss for 4 years with a diverse backgroundincluding software, venture capital and 4 yrs at McKinsey & Co.Kerry has an MBA from Harvard and an engineering degree from Universityof Texas at Austin.

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