Evans Gebhardt (TOR)

Evans  joined 3 Peaks following an executive management career atboth Fortune 100 and start up organizations.  From experience, Evanscarries the firm belief that organizational performance is derived lessfrom what you are taught and more from what is practiced.  He brings to3 Peaks the unique ability to translate theory into a pragmatic toolkit that is relevant in senior management environments. 

Priorto 3 Peaks, Evans held variety of executive general management roleswhere mentoring executives and building effective and productiverelationships drove much of his business achievements.  After receivinghis MBA in Marketing from the NYU Stern School of Business, Evans hashad leading roles for several notable businesses:

AsPresident, Evans led the real world turn around CheapTickets.com, athen $1 billion, 2000 person company.  Taking over after twoconsecutive years of $50 million losses, Evans created a “no fear – cando” Senior Leadership Team able to pull the company to breakeven andonto a trajectory of EBITDA growth.  More importantly, Evans and histeam created a whole new productive environment rising from a historyof underperformance. 

Evans wasPresident of Cendant’s International Consumer Travel group andresponsible for the integration of several new acquired companiesaccounting for $2 billion in turnover, including leading UK onlinetravel agency Ebookers.com.  Relying upon his acumen to developindividuals and building teams, Evans was able to tap theorganizational potential of 2000 employees in over 15 countries and“make it happen” in a difficult post-acquisition environment. Managinga business as complex as this with personal responsibility the profitand loss, Evans understands that inspired personal performance andbuilding teams in a cross-cultural environment is critical to earningperformance. 

Evans also was alsoinstrumental in the start up of Eos Airlines, a premium only classairline with service between London & New York.  Through stronginternal team working and decisive personnel moves, sales grew 10 foldin just 12 months and unseated long time winners, Virgin Atlantic andBritish Airways, as Best Long Haul Airline of the Year.

Inhis tenure, Evans has held many senior executive roles in very diversesettings.  He has worked for New and Old Economy companies, start upsand Fortune 100’s, and domestic and international entities such asCendant, CheapTickets.com, Ebookers.com, Clairol, Mead Johnson,Bristol-Myers Squibb.

After a productive career based upon theability to inspire individual performance and create productive teamstructures that are based on trust and mutual accountability, Evansdecided to enter the world of performance coaching. He now enjoys hispassion 24/7 as a Partner of 3 Peaks helping individuals andcorporations achieve results.

15. June 2007 by Arrian
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