Patrick Barth (RO2)


I am co-owner of a Brooklyn Based company, New Project. We specialize in custom museum installations. We also occasionally assist artists in realizing their visions. Prior to forming my company I worked independently as an artist assistant installing their sculptures in museums and galleries around the world. Before moving to New York to pursue my own dream of being an artist I taught sculpture and drawing at Bowling Green State University. I still occasionally work on my own art. One such project I have been dabbling with for a few years now is a series of illustrations based on The Iliad. I have degrees from Brigham Young University and Ohio State University. I grew up in Utah and, although I love New York, I will always miss the west. Some hobbies include white water kayaking, and surfing (still a beginner). Most excitingly, my wife and I just had our first baby.

11. June 2007 by Arrian
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