Questions for 2nd reading group call: The Ultimate Question

We had a great first call last week.  Jill, Howard and Joanne shared interesting perspectives from what is going on in their companies.

I’m looking forward to our next call on Thursday, June 28th at Noon Eastern time

The Ultimate Question Chapters 4 – 6
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Here are three questions to guide your reading on the middle section of the book –

1.  The Enterprise Rent a Car story
What did Enterprise do that made ESQi so effective for them?  How would that work in your organization?

2.  Why satisfaction surveys fail
What are the 7 reasons Fred gives for why satisfaction surveys fail.  What is your own experience with satisfaction surveys.  Do any of these issues with surveys apply to you?

3.  The rules of measurement
Fred describes 7 principles for implementing an NPS systems successfully.  How do these address the reasons for failure in the previous chapter?  Have you used any of these principles?

You can find this information on an ongoing basis at

Let me know if you have any questions or have had trouble getting your hands on the book.  And happy reading –


22. June 2007 by Arrian
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