Questions for 1st reading group call: The Ultimate Question

I look forward to our first call on Thursday, June 14th at Noon Eastern time:

The Ultimate Question Chapters 1 – 3
1-218-339-7800, passcode 345345#

To help prepare you for the call, I have developed these three questions to guide your reading –

1.  Good profits vs. bad profits
Fred suggest companies are getting “hooked on bad profits”.  What does he mean by “good profits” and “bad profits”.  How are they different, and what impact do they have on company growth?

2.  The power of referral
What were Fred and Satmetrix looking for in measuring customer happiness, and what did they find?  What conditions lead customers to make a personal referral and why does that make the “would recommend” question such an effective measure of relationship quality?

3.  The economic impact of NPS score
Fred encourages us to quantify the economic value of our NPS scores.  What does he want  us to do?  What are some of the factors we can use to estimate the economic effects of promoters and detractors?

Let me know if you have any questions or have had trouble getting your hands on the book.  And happy reading –


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