Steve Mann (RO2)


For over 18 years, Mr. Mann has led successful and profitable high-tech strategic organizations and businesses. Steve leads SAP’s Total Customer Experience initiative. As consumerization changes the way IT professionals evaluate and implement enterprise software, SAP and its partners will leverage TCE to deliver an experience that blends the best of B2B practices with consumer oriented B2C best practices. This new hybrid experience – TCE, will be the engine evolving SAP’s brand in the mid-market.Steve also leads SAP’s competitive strategies office. In this capacity he creates and executes on strategies to positively impact SAP by raising barriers for competitors to enter given markets and supporting the defense of SAP market strongholds. Mr. Mann and team drive the assertive positioning and syndication of marketing and field-ready tactics to help SAP win repeatedly in the market. He also leads SAP’s Services Marketing team to drive successful adoption of SAP services across market segments.Mr. Mann previously led SAP’s Competitive and Market Intelligence team. In this capacity he was responsible for delivering market insight on competitors and market trends to inform SAP’s strategic planning teams, product portfolio process and customer engagement strategies. His team had unique capabilities to assess both market conditions and competitors and delivers these insights as a service to the corporation.Prior to joining SAP, Mr. Mann was a principal with the BRM Group, a Jerusalem based Venture Capital firm. As an executive-in-residence, he was responsible for driving and managing strategic venture investments on behalf of BRM. Mr. Mann’s vision and strategies were essential to reduce time-to-market for companies in the BRM portfolio.Prior to joining BRM, Mr. Mann was the vice president of product strategy, for Computer Associates. In this position, he was responsible for the development and positioning of CA’s enterprise management solutions. He has also led marketing and business development for CA’s web development and hosting division – NetHaven.Mr. Mann holds bachelors degrees in history and psychology from Emory University, a Masters degree in experimental psychology from NYU, and is a PhD candidate in psychobiology at the City University of New York.Steve and his wife Susan live in New York City and have four children.

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