Marc Segan (H2008)


Marc Segan is an inventor who has created hundreds of toys and commercial products, from Hallmark’s first-ever musical greeting card to Fisher Price’s Triple Arcade game table.  Mr. Segan holds more than 40 patents covering such creations as the first computer-controlled animation sericel and, recently, a new method of deploying animated characters on the internet. Mr. Segan is a co-founder of Quadlogic Controls Corporation, designer and manufacturer of leading-edge digital electricity metering systems.  He is a graduate of Princeton University with a major in Philosophy and was composer and musical director for Princeton’s Triangle Club, where he now serves as a trustee.  Mr. Segan is President of the Board of New York Stage & Film Company, producers of the annual Powerhouse theater festival at Vassar College.

22. January 2008 by Arrian
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