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an NYC theater company called target margin is doing an adaption in January of plato’s symposium. It’s called The Dinner Party. I met the director, David Herskovits, at a dinner party and he’s a very bright, sensitive guy who has staged the classics many times at target margin and loved the idea of our book group. I cannot go to any of the performances but I thought I would pass this along to the group.

bruce upbin


based on Euripides’ Suppliants

based on Plato’s Symposium and Aristotle’s Poetics
Target Margin Theater offers a one-week only revival of our acclaimed work on Greek tragedy and philosophy. As the company extends our work into the Greek canon this season, we want also to give our audiences a chance to review the breadth of our investigation with this challenging, entertaining, and vividly relevant repertory.
David Herskovits, working collaboratively with a very strong cast of five, has created a universal meditation on loss… a poetic tissue of image and allusion. – New York Times
David Herskovits’s Target Margin Theater, which has been working through some of the obscurer corners of tragedy in its season dedicated to Greek thought, has now reached a transcendent finale by putting onstage two of the most familiar specimens of Athenian philosophy, Aristotle’s Poetics and Plato’s Symposium. – The Village Voice

JANUARY 11 – 14 2008

311 West 43rd Street, 3rd floor

Wednesday January 9th     5:00pm Open Rehearsal & Reception

Friday January 11th         3:00pm THE ARGUMENT & DINNER PARTY
                6:00pm Reception
                7:00pm AS YET THOU ART YOUNG AND RASH

Saturday January 12th         3:00pm AS YET THOU ART YOUNG AND RASH
                7:00pm THE ARGUMENT & DINNER PARTY

Sunday January 13th        3:00pm THE ARGUMENT & DINNER PARTY
                7:00pm AS YET THOU ART YOUNG AND RASH

Monday January 14th        3:00pm AS YET THOU ART YOUNG AND RASH
                6:00pm Reception
                7:00pm THE ARGUMENT & DINNER PARTY

If you would like to join us for the rehearsal on the 9th or any performance please call (718) 398-3095.   

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