Thanks, next for Feb call


Great call last night about Job and Psalms.

Thanks to Kendall for volunteering to:

– lead the February call (Tues, Feb 5 at 8pm) on the other half of Psalms and Proverbs!
– and to send at least one e-mail out between now and then with a question or comment about the reading (Kendall asked that we use the e-mail and website more)

And thanks to Bruce for volunteering to lead the March call (Tues, Mar 4 at 8pm) on Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. Also congrats to Bruce for getting on Jeopardy (he was on the Dec 26, 2007 episode and came in second – missing the final question about Hadrian’s Wall – sorry, Bruce that we weren’t up to Roman history yet!)

Happy new year!


03. January 2008 by Arrian
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