Thanks, next steps for Herodotus Book 1!


Really enjoyed our kickoff call tonight. What a great group of readers – I’m honored you have chosen to read Herodotus together.

Next steps:

1. Dates
Make sure you have all the dates for the calls (listed again below) – including the special call with Professor Paul Cartledge on June 4 *and* the annual “ROAM” (Reading Odyssey Annual Meeting), Friday, August 8 at 3pm at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2. Andre Stipanovic
Andre is your moderator and will be leading your next call. He’s so sorry to have missed tonight’s kickoff.

3. Book 1 reading questions
Andre will circulate reading questions to help you think about Book
1. He will also reach out to a group of you to ask you to kickoff the discussion in the Book 1 phone call

4. “How to Read a Book” by Martin Adler
Do pick up that book if you can. It has great tips for reading books that are hard to read – including to keep going! Don’t let any momentary difficulties stop you. Keep reading and the larger story will emerge.

5. Special call with Professor Cartledge
We have a special call with Cambridge classicist Dr Paul Cartledge Wednesday, June 4 at 1pm NY time. Do put that on your calendar.

6. Final call with Bob Strassler?
Bob has agreed to do one call with us – and we’ll likely have him for the final call. Good incentive to stick with the whole book 😉

7. ROAM 3 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?
You simply must come for the Reading Odyssey Annual Meeting Friday, August 8 at 3pm. Joining us will be classicist Professor John Marincola – a humanitarian and scholar (and world-renowned expert on Herodotus). Come for my private literary tour of the ancient galleries, cocktails and dinner in the trustee’s dining room!

My mission is simple: create an environment so that you can tap into the greatest knowledge of humanity starting with one of the greatest, Herodotus.

Not all of this book will be easy. I believe, however, that you will find your invested time and effort well worth it!

Thank you,


Herodotus Call dates
All calls:
– Mondays @ 8pm ET
– 1-800-615-2900 / 11758#

Call 1: Intro – Mon Mar 17
Call 2: Book 1 – Mon Apr 7
Call 3: Book 2 and 3 – Mon May 5
Call 4: Books 4 and 5 – Mon June 2
Call 5: Book 6 – Mon June 30
Call 6: Book 7 – Mon Aug 4
Call 7: Book 8 & 9 – Mon Sept 8

18. March 2008 by Arrian
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