notes on ‘odotus book seven.

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Normally I would have just added this to Marc’s google page, but I did this on a plane instead.  I can add them later.  I really enjoyed book 7.  There are a lot of big themes we’ll talk about, but I noted a few highlights.  All the stories are finally coming back to us now and I also detect a very pronounced dramatic or literary tone.  The opening scenes with Artabamos (7.10) and the later scene with Demaratos feel like they could have come out of the Greek stage to me.  My highlights, in brief, are attached, but I also kept wondering something we’ve discussed before: How much could H. possibly know about the personal conversations Xerxes was having?  A lot of this book seems to reflect the thoughts and thought processes of the Persian king and his advisors in deep detail.   Even in the Spartan example of Damaratos, where Spartan thought might actually be available to H., what we read is about “freedom” and what it means to Spartans.

Anyway, hope to see all on the call tonight and also at the ROAM meeting later this week.


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05. August 2008 by Arrian
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