Happy Monday – parts of the soul?

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There’s some really good stuff in Republic IV – so keep your reading going and look forward to it.

At one point, Plato gets back to “justice in an individual.” (section 435)

He applies the framework of justice in the city to justice in an individual. At first, it seems a little strange but as I read along I found Plato’s description made some sense.

He divides the soul into three parts (like there are three classes in the ideal city):

– irrational
– rational
– spirt

The “spirt” either helps the rational part rule the whole or eggs on the irrational part. He notes that the irrational part is the largest part and the most insatiable.

At the same time as I’m reading Plato, I’m also running a course on behavioral economics (or why people are so irrational). I have no doubt that the irrational part is bigger and potentially stronger than the rational part in all us human beings.

Plato points out this fact. Behavioral economics and good psychology help us figure out *what* to do.

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08. September 2008 by Arrian
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