Kerty Nilsson Levy (T2008)

Kerty Nilsson Levy is based in Iowa.  She is Vice President of Kemin Industries, a privately owned bio-chemical company which provides nutrition and health solutions to the feed, food, petfood, nutraceutical and pharma industries.  Her background is in strategic marketing and organizational development, having spent time in the online learning industry doing business development and product management and at BCG and Technomic Consultants doing management consulting, among other things.
Kerty was born in Tokyo, Japan and spent her early years in the Philippines, Belgium and Switzerland.  She went to boarding school in Sweden and was naturally drawn to China, where she lived and worked for six years after graduating from college.  Kerty speaks Swedish and Mandarin Chinese.  Kerty received her BA from the University of California at Davis and her MBA from Harvard University.  She and her husband reside in Des Moines with their two daughters.

22. October 2008 by Arrian
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