Laurel Stanley (A2009)


I’ve been designing and building web sites since 1995. I moved into developing online business applications in 1999 for companies like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Wolverine Worldwide. Since May 2008, I’ve been Director of Design at, managing the visual brand and redefining the user interface based on usability research. My goal is to support marketing and business development efforts while improving the overall customer experience. Previously, I was at Priority Health, a Michigan-based health insurance company, managing their intranet, corporate site, logged-in service portals, and other online ventures. While at Priority Health I got the opportunity to attend Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Week. I had applied that knowledge to moderate the first usability sessions at Priority Health while developing online tools. Since learning about the Creative Good way of hosting “listening labs”, I’ve strived to incorporate observing how users navigate and use web sites to advance the overall design and functionality. I’ve already been able to take advantage of this in my new role at Spout. We are holding a second round of listening labs in August.

30. January 2009 by Arrian
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