Frankenstein liked reading?

If you love books and reading – novels, science, history, poetry – join us Monday night, June 29 at 8pm ET via phone.

Laurie Sheck 
Poet and Novelist 
Author of “A Monster’s Notes” 
Monday, June 29 8pm ET 

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Laurie’s novel is, according to Kirkus Review, “Utterly astonishing and not to be missed.”

I agree.

And I learned something today.

The original reason I invited Laurie to the Reading Odyssey community is the fact that Frankenstein, in her book, reads the classics, scientific works and other great books as a way to learn about humanity and to ask some important philosophical and scientific questions.

But, now I know the real reason I invited Laurie to speak.

Laurie is a humble genius, a lover of words, of writing and of reading. My phone conversation with her today brightened an already beautiful New York Saturday and made me realize how fortunate we are to spend an hour with her this Monday.

She shares our passion for helping people reignite their intellectual curiosity and she, like us, marvels at the richness available in books and ideas.

And she shares our particular passion for books written not for the “applause of the moment”, to quote Thucydides, but with care and integrity and the desire that they become a possession for all humanity for all time.

Laurie teaches in the New School for Social Research MFA program, where her students are lucky to have her, just as we are lucky to spend an hour this Monday night with this passionate poet who is generous with her many gifts. 

We’ll talk about her book and about the art of reading, writing, and the power of curiosity. 

It’s a perfect way to kick off the summer.

The Kirkus Review and Laurie’s bio can be read here
I hope you can join us Monday at 8pm ET.



Reading Odyssey, Inc.

P.S. Big news: As of Friday, June 26, 2009 the Reading Odyssey is now an official nonprofit corporation. Next we apply for IRS 501c(3) status. 

P.S.S. We also applied for an NSF grant this week for informal science education and received a “yes” back from Professor Sean Carroll to deliver our third lecture in the Darwin series this fall! More news and updates in my next official newsletter.

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