Next and final conference call for Homer

Hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful and that your reading has been enjoyable. I just want to remind you about our upcoming final conference call for Homer’s Odyssey next week: Monday Dec 7, @8pm EST.

Please look over our Study Guide Questions which were sent out earlier in November, and are also posted on the Reading Odyssey website, to help guide your reading and thinking about this great epic.  We will be discussing the conclusion to the Odyssey and Odysseus’ revenge on the suitors as well as reunion with his wife Penelope. Please join us as we wrap up this classic.

Remember that the following Monday Dec 14 will be a special recitation by none other than Stanley Lombardo. 

Register here: 

Also, I will be leading a Xenophon reading group in January and we will be using the newly published Landmark Hellenika. Xenophon picks up where Thucydides leaves off, thus finishing a narrative of the Peloponnesian War, then narrating events of Greek city-states in the 4th cent. BC leading up to Philip of Macedon.  This is a great bridge to Alexander the Great’s eventual campaigns.  Later in 2010, special events relating to the 2500 year anniversary of the battle of Marathon will be scheduled.  We will also be leading a Herodotus reading group sometime in September of 2010.

Register here for the Xenophon reading group:


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30. November 2009 by Arrian
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