We had a great call last night discussing Chapters 6 & 14 of Origin ofSpecies!  Unfortunately, I forgot to start the recording at the beginning, of the chat, so I’ve attached a copy of my notes from the call and the partial recording (we pick up during the discussion Chapter 14 – I’ve marked that point in the notes).  If you were unable to make the conversation please download my notes and mp3 here:

Download 8 December 2009 Darwin Chapter 6 & 14 notes

Download 8 December 2009 Darwin Chapter 6 & 14

I apologize for my forgetfulness!  If you have any questions regarding my notes or the text, please don’t hesitate to email me at stephanie.aktipis [at] gmail.com.  

Happy reading! 

Stephanie Aktipis

10. December 2009 by Arrian
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