22 cities for Slow Art 2010 – help with cities not yet on the list?

We have 22 cities already lined up for Slow Art Day April 17, 2010. 

From Canberra, Australia to Copenhagen, Denmark and from Ashland, Oregon to Atlanta, Georgia from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Oceanside, California volunteers are hosting Slow Art.

To see all the cities and to register for free to join us for Slow Art day in one of them, click here:

This is great success – and we want to reach so many more cities and museums around the world. 

See the cities below? Do you know anyone who might want to volunteer to lead Slow Art in any one of these (or any other city in the world)?

Hosting Slow Art is very easy and a lot of fun.

Please direct interested possible hosts to our Facebook site – http://www.facebook.com/SlowArt – or to me: pterry at reading odyssey dot com

Thanks! Phil 

Adis Abeba, Ethiopia
Alexandria, Egypt
Alger, Algeria
Almadabad, India
Amsterdam, Holland
Ankara, Turkey
Athina, Greece
Baghdãd, Iraq
Bangalore, India
Bangdung, Indonesia
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Berlin, Germany
Bogotá, Colombia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cairo, Egypt
Calcutta, India
Cape Town, South Africa
Caracas, Venezuela
Casablanca, Morocco
Changchun, China
Chengdu, China
Chennai, India
Chongging, China
Dalian, China
Dallas, USA
Delhi, India
Detroit, USA
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dusseldorf, Germany
Essen, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Guadalajara, Mexico
Guangzhou, China
Handan, China
Hangzhou, China
Hanoi, Vietnam
Harbin, China
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hong Kong, China
Houston, USA
Hyderabad, India
Istanbul, Turkey
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jinan, China
Karachi, Pakistan
Katowice, Poland
Kinshasa, DRC
Koln, Germany
Lagos, Nigeria
Lahore, Pakistan
Lima, Peru
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Manila, Philippines
Maputo, Mozambique
Medellin, Colombia
Melbourne, Australia
Mexico City, Mexico
Milano, Italy
Monterrey, Mexico
Montréal, Canada
Moscow, Russian Fed
Mumbai, India
Nagoya, Japan
Nanjing, China
Napoli, Italy
Õsaka, Japan
Paris, France
Philadelphia, USA
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Pune, India
Pusan, South Korea
Qingdao, China
Recife, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Rome, Italy
Salvador, Brazil
San Francisco, USA
Santiago, Chile
Santo Domingo, Dom
Seóul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
Shenyang, China
Singapore, Singapore
St Petersburg, Russia
Sydney, Australia
Tehrãn, Iran
Tianjin, China
Tokyo, Japan
Toronto, Canada
Wuhan, China
Xi’an, China
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

07. January 2010 by Arrian
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