Happy 201st birthday, Charles Darwin

Happy 201st birthday, Charles Darwin.

About a year ago, the Reading Odyssey started a Facebook group to celebrate Darwin and his great book, “On the Origin of Species.”

In that year, we have accomplished many things with our global volunteer community.

The Facebook group now has over 250,000 members, we have produced a live web/phone-based lecture series with great scholars, and we have run one of our phone-based reading groups on “On the Origin of Species.”

Scholars who have participated in our lecture series include:

* Professor Sean Carroll, University of Wisconsin

* Professor Jonathan Weiner, Columbia University

* Professor Emeritus Mendelsohn, Harvard University

* Dr. George Amato, American Museum of Natural History

and many others…

Join us for continued learning and discussion in our Darwin Facebook Project.

Thanks to volunteers like Kendall Crolius, who produced the fall 2010 lecture series (and did a GREAT job), and scientists like Quinn O’Neill, Chris Farnet, James Falvo, Gerardo Camilo and many others, who keep the discussion and learning going on a daily basis.

Happy birthday, Charles!


12. February 2010 by Arrian
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