Herodotus Introductory Call

Dear fellow readers of Herodotus,

A reminder that our introductory call is scheduled for Monday October 11 @8pm Eastern Standard Time.  Bruce Upbin and I will be moderating.  The purpose of this call is to prepare the groundwork for your reading of Herodotus’ Histories.  In order for that to be successful and enjoyable for you, we plan to cover numerous items including:

  • how we run a conference call and our use of discussion questions
  • an overview of the Landmark Herodotus and its helpful reading features (based on pp. xxxvii-xlviii, Editor’s Preface by Robert Strassler)
  • an overview of the Introduction to Herodotus and his own times (based on pp. ix-xxxvi, Introduction by Rosalind Thomas)
  • Herodotus’ own Introduction to Book I (pp. 3-6)
  • preview of Book I (pp. li-liii)

Please note that the nature of this call is more information-based than usual and is not typical of our normal conference calls in which discussion by group members is our primary object. 

Please note also the following updated call-in information printed below, especially for those of you calling in from abroad.

Looking forward to our call together,



P.S. Please note that the Marathon2500 series of lectures will continue with Peter Krentz’s “The Battle Itself” on Tuesday October 12 @ 7pmEST;  website –  http://marathon2500-2.eventbrite.com/

12. October 2010 by Arrian
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