Nancy Kopans


I am General Counsel of JSTOR, a non-profit online library of scholarly journals based in NYC.  Before attending law school, I was a Ph.D. candidate in Columbia’s English Department (am A.B.D.), following undergraduate study in Geology at Dartmouth.  That was a long time ago.  These days, as the mother of two young girls, I find that most of my reading outside of work focuses on material geared to the under-ten crowd.  I welcome the opportunity to re-engage in reading significant (grownup) works — with Phil, whom I’ve known since 1996, and his friends.  What we see in great literature changes based on our experiences.  I can’t say I’m wiser these days, but there’s a lot more texture to life, so it will be interesting to re-connect, or to connect for the first time, with the material the group will be reading.

01. May 2005 by readingodysseyauthor
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