Homer’s Odyssey: Audio from “primer” call

We just had our first call – the “primer” call for reading Homer’s Odyssey.  See comments for some of the discussion and feedback.

If you missed the call or want to go back to the conversation, here’s the audio file (in Windows Media format):

Key “moments” in the call:

18:00  Two questions (why read Homer? how to read Homer?)

25:00  Odyssey as “run spot run” – Odyssey was used to teach young Greeks and Romans how to read (so it should be accessible to us)

38:50 Come to Odyssey with “no expectations”

47:00 Symmetry of the Odyssey (and the “arc” of the story)

50:00 Conclusion: “Achilles in Vietnam”

Special thanks to Dr. Andre Stipanovic – expert on Homer (he reads it in the ancient Greek) – for leading us in this preparatory discussion.

– Phil

22. May 2005 by readingodysseyauthor
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