Homer’s Odyssey: Date for “primer” call

Before we start reading Book 1 of our 20 year reading odyssey (aptly we chose Homer’s Odyssey as our first book), we will get a tutorial from an expert on the book.

Andre Stipanovic, who has a PhD from Rutgers in comparative literature and who regularly reads Homer in the original ancient “Homeric” Greek, will lead a teleconference:

                  Reading Homer’s Odyssey
                  Saturday, May 21
                  12 noon Eastern, 11 am Central

To join us for this teleconference:

             email pterry at creativegood dot com for the number

If you want to also join us in the reading, see below.

Thanks – Phil.

—————————-  To join the reading group

To join us in not only the teleconference but in reading Homer’s Odyssey, do the following:

– Read the About
The about section will tell you how we started this reading odyssey and give you some of the rules.

– Email me
Email pterry at creativegood dot com to let us know you want to join the odyssey.

– Buy How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler
Everyone who participates will buy and read “How to Read a Book”.

– Buy Homer’s Odyssey – translation by Stanley Lombardo
– Post questions for Andre by creating a comment (click on comments below).

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