A day at the opera – Lysistrata

Nancy Kopans, reading odyssey group member and opera fan, has suggested that we go to the Opera together to see Lysistrata – Aristpohanes’ third play in his “War and Peace” series set during the Peloponessian war.

The women of Athens, led by Lysistrata and supported by female delegates from the other states of Hellas, determine to take matters into their own hands and force the men to stop the War. They meet in solemn conclave, and Lysistrata expounds her scheme, the rigorous application to husbands and lovers of a self-denying ordinance–“we must refrain from the male altogether.” Every wife and mistress is to refuse all sexual favours whatsoever, till the men have come to terms of peace.

*Sunday*, April 2
$89 each (we’d like to buy 2nd ring center seats for $89 each)

Please reply and let me know if you’d like to attend.



———- Background on the play

Here’s the link to City Opera for Lysistrata

28. February 2006 by Arrian
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