Eleri Dixon (TOR)


Eleri J. Dixon is the Vice President of Customer Experience for the Fidelity Investments eBusiness Company in Boston, MA. Her group is responsible for the “Customer Experience” of all of Fidelity’s customer
facing channels. Eleri and her team work closely with the UI Designers, Graphic Designers and Editors to create websites and experiences that meet the needs of very diverse customer populations.

After completing undergraduate work in psychology at Vassar College in NY, she went on to Lehman Brothers where she became an institutional preferred stocktrader.

From there she came to Fidelity where she worked on Fidelity’s first on-line trading system, created the usability team and is now broadening her focus to include optimizing the user experience for all channels that through which Fidelity Customers interact.

06. June 2007 by Arrian
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