Dear all,

I just wanted to say once more that it has been a pleasure reading through Herodotus with you.  Thank you for keeping me accountable with great questions, insights and comments.  I know we learned a lot together through this experience.  This group and our interest in reading these great authors is a great witness to my three sons, who see how beneficial and fun learning is through one’s whole lifetime.  You’ve balanced our serious discussions with a healthy dose of good humor.  That is one of the best lessons for us all.

I hope we can share more of this experience with each other in the future and/or with our colleagues in each of our respective professions.  Remember Augustine’s epiphany “tolle, lege” (i.e. ‘pick it up, read it) whenever you think of what we have accomplished together this past year.  It can change lives, it can change the world we live in.

05. June 2007 by readingodysseyauthor
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