Some thoughts

General impressions
-this is the first time I’ve read Plato and I found it much more assessible than I anticipated. I guess that’s why it’s lasted 2400 years (and a great translation pick by our leaders certainly helped).
-I was struck by the theme of acceptance of and lack of fear of death which ran through both pieces. The ideas of keeping the importance of one’s life in perspective and realizing the tempoaral nature of possessions as rules to live by echo in all major religous/spiritual traditions. It makes one wonder if there isn’t something innate pushing us in that direction. Apologia
-28c thru 30b seems to me an excellent summary of the entire argument, touching on the importance of doing what is right, even in the face of death, maintaining personal integrity, Socrates denying his corrupting influence and confirming his belief in divinity -Socrates seems to be describing himself as a saint in 31a-c. Is it this type of arrogance that stirred up his fellow citizens against him, or, at a minimum, fanned their anger.
-I love how in36d Socrates states his actions merit a banquet instead of death. That’s telling his accusers off.
-Socrates’ prophesy in 39c,d of more questioners/dissidents to come has really resonated throughout the ages. It brought to mind one of Victor Laszlo’s speeches in Casablanca.
-in 65c to 66d the outerbody pursuit of pure forms seems very similar to my concept of transcendental meditation. Any comments from those with more knowledge of that field?
-the idea of knowledge as recollection seems a precursor to the idea of the collective subconscious and that language, at a minimum, is innate. Did anyone have similar thoughts
-90e to 91b should be required reading for all pundits and politciians – don’t fear an argument.
-does anyone have a handle on the soul/harmony riff in 93a to94e? Perhaps we can touch on this Tuesday. Also the discussion on opposites on 104c to 105cn I’m not as swift as Cebes.
-finally, it was enlightening to see the idea of purgatory has been around for a while – maybe St. Paul imported it into the Catholic tradition.

I know this is a bit more chatty than had been the norm, but, so what.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

08. April 2008 by Arrian
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