Dr. Paul Cartledge call – audio recording

Here’s the audio recording for special Dr. Paul Cartledge call in early June. Listen online ordownload the mp3 file and listen to it as a podcast on your ipod.

Download Dr-Paul-Cartledge-June2008.mp3

05. June 2008 by Arrian
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  1. <p>Really enjoyed the call- thanks again for putting this together.</p><p>What a great teacher Dr. Carledge is! – specific and yet enough of a generalist to be comprehensible – he spoke to his audience and not above or down to them. He reminded me of a favorite art history professor I had in college, Dr. Sheldon Nodelman, who taught Roman Portraiture ( a class I only took because it fit both my work schedule and a breadth requirement but then ended up being fascinating) whose every word was so spot on.</p><p>I thought the issue of cultural relevance was fascinating. This is something they are struggling with in Canada where the official policy of respecting immigrant’s cultural mores is sometimes in conflict with Canadian official policy on human rights (particularly woman’s rights) and causes lots of thoughtful dialogue in the national media.</p><p>Hedy</p><p>PS Thoughtful dialogue in the national media – What a concept!</p>