Thanks for the great call, 5 pages a day method


Thanks for the great call last night. I look forward to speaking to some of you today, Wednesday at 3pm NYC time in our call with Prof Susan Neiman.

For those of you having trouble keeping up with Plato reading, then I might suggest you consider the 5-pages-a-day method. I used this in the reading for the first three books of Republic and found it very helpful.

I read five pages a day – no more, no less. I’m referring to the page lengths in our shared edition. If you are reading a different edition, then it might be 3 pages or 7 pages, I don’t know.

But in our edition I have found that I can read about 5 pages before I lose focus.

I’ll note that some of the readers who are keeping up say this method doesn’t work for them. They prefer big gulps. I personally can’t handle the big gulps. I get lost. But I can handle 5 pages.

I’ve just read this morning the first 5 pages of Book IV – 1052 – 1056 (I count the actual pages I read – so 1052, 1053, 1054, 1055 and 1056). Tomorrow, Thursday, I’ll read 1057 – 1061.

Join me – give it a try if you are having trouble keeping up.


03. September 2008 by Arrian
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