Herodotus Confession

Hi all,
Just wanted to confess to something: I DIDN’T READ MOST OF HERODOTUS.

But that said, I did attend most of the call-in discussions, and I really want to thank each of you for all that I have learned in this process, which for me, was my first book group experience:
It has been amazing to share in your passion for books and knowledge. This, first and foremost, was truly inspiring to me.
Through each of you, I feel as though I am really “learning how to read.” Books like Herodotus present challenges, so it was fascinating to hear how some of you took notes, or reread passages to fully understand meaning and context.
It was actually nice to hear that others had to work to fit this book into their busy lives. It meant that it was “okay” if I experienced the book on my own terms, as long as I tried to learn and contribute.
It was interesting to hear the phone-calls evolve. In the beginning, it was more light and pleasant, and towards the end, the topics were very specific, with some real debates going back and forth. I loved each of these.
It is one thing to read this book alone, but another entirely to chat with others to understand its meaning in the context of TODAY. It really was amazing to see how much “herodotus” came up in everyday life once I was aware of it, and how elements of it pertained to our culture and everyday existence.
So again – THANK YOU. I will be on the call next week, and am looking forward to joining an upcoming book group, with the goal of actually READING MORE OF THE BOOK!

Baby steps…

– Dan Blank

02. September 2008 by Arrian
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