Aristotle Call Canceled and New Schedule



After talking to a number of you – who are not ready with your bit of polished logic (or can’t make the call at all) – Pat and I decided to move the second call on Organon to May 12.


We are then going to take Physics and Metaphysics out of the mix.


So, we’ll do Organon part II in May and then go right into the stuff you’ll really like – Nicomichaen Ethics, Politics, Poetics and Rhetoric.


Here’s the new schedule for the rest of the year:

Tues, May 12 – Organon Discussion II


Tues, Jun 9 – Nicomachean Ethics (in its entirety)


Tues, Jul 7 – continuing Nicomachean Ethics (in itsentirety)


Tues, Sep 8 – continuing Nicomachean Ethics (in itsentirety)


Tues, Oct 6 – Politics (Books 1-3; 8-9), Rhetoric (Book1) and Poetics


Tues, Nov 10 – continuing Politics (Books 1-3; 8-9),Rhetoric (Book 1) and Poetics





07. April 2009 by Arrian
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