Aristotle Politics – Questions?

I hope your Politics reading is going well. Book 1 is a bit rough with the awful commentary on slaves and women – at least I found it one of the more difficult to tolerate passages.

Barring that, how is your reading going?

Can you send one or more quick thoughts to the group?

Here’s an example:

“Hence men seek after a better notion of riches and the art of getting wealth than the mere acquisition of coin, and they are right.” Book 1, Chapter, 9, Section 17

I liked this passage in book 1. Aristotle raises an interesting question about wealth and riches – in other words, is the goal of wealth to accumulate money? He gets into funny stuff answering it – talking about household management and archaic definitions of business but I think he raises an interesting question. 

The “emptiness” of simply accumulating money has been an issue for eons. We still seem to be focused on it and many in business still complain about the emptiness of striving for it. Send your quick thoughts  so we can have some online dialogue before our call tonight.



06. October 2009 by Arrian
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