Flavorpill covers Slow Art London

Flavorpill covers Slow Art London – thanks!

Slow Art Copenhagen and Slow Art Portland are this weekend.



P.S. From Flavorpill‘s Slow Art London page (they know how to write):

Art exhibitions appear to be increasingly race-like: short sprints from piece to piece, each assessed and evaluated with a 20-second appraisal before our attention turns to the next. In an effort to combat this alarmingly restless way of interacting with art, Ready Odyssey has launched Slow Art, an informal-yet-disciplined event that aims to recapture an excitement towards art. Open to novices and experts alike, Slow Art encourages members to look at pieces for ten minutes to an hour (your choice) to find new and illuminating ways of “seeing” art.

– Wolcott Katzenbach

09. October 2009 by Arrian
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