Homer: final call

We had the final call last night – and a spirited conversation about the Odyssey.

Unfortunately, the audio recorder did not work correctly and only captured one side of the conversation – so much of what we discussed is lost 🙂

I’ll note that we had great conversations about:

– language

– morality

– joy of reading this story, it’s richness

– Odysseus as a good character or? (the Romans later despised him and his fortunes have gone up and down over the centuries)

I’d like to ask the particpants from last night’s call to post some of the conversation so that our members who missed it can get a sense of our dialogue.



P.S. We also discussed Herodotus and how to approach reading him – I’ll be able to post the audio version from that soon.

30. June 2005 by readingodysseyauthor
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