Next book: Thucydides

I’m sorry it’s been so long since you have heard from me. In addition to the normal holiday madness, reading group co-founder (and my best friend), Pat, got married recently and I was his best man.

Not only did Pat get married but he got married twice – once on the west coast and once here in brooklyn (to the same woman ;-).

So, please join me in congratulating Pat.

We are ready to start our next book (and, briefly discuss Aeschylus) so please let us know who will be joining.

Our kickoff call will be
Saturday, Feb 25
12 noon new york time.

Call-in details to follow.

Meanwhile, if you are joining us for this book, please buy or borrow this version:

The Landmark Thucydides
Robert B. Strassler

This version has GREAT maps and wonderful summaries in the margin (each paragraph is summarized in plain English in the margin).

Hope you had a good holiday and a happy new year. Good to be back!


P.S. This book is extraordinarily timely and has been referenced much in the debate about the Iraq war and America’s role in the world.

13. February 2006 by Arrian
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