Thucydides Book 3 call


We had a great call last week discussing Book 3 and reviewing Andre’s reading questions.

Book 3 is intense – with the Plataean siege, Mytilenean revolt (and debate between Cleon and Diodotus) and the Corcyrean revolution (and Thucydides’ commentary on revolutions).

It was a great call – if you missed it, take a listen.

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27. June 2006 by Arrian
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  1. <p>I too am sorry you missed the discussion.</p><p>I’d like to suggest that you pick up a recent book on human evolution – "Before the Dawn" by NYT science writer Nicholas Wade. We discussed this in the call for book 2, which I know you also missed.</p><p>The reason I’d like you to read it is that he makes a compelling case – through the synthesis of genetic and anthropological evidence – that humans are slowly but surely becoming *less* violent in our 50,000 year history.</p><p>It’s an interesting counterpoint to the sadness we all feel reading Thucydides and recognizing so much of what we still debate and struggle with today.</p><p>Let me know if you get a chance to pick up the book – and even skim it.</p><p>Glad you are a part of this reading group – and glad you can join us for the call July 31 with Robert Strassler!</p><p>Best,</p><p>Phil<br></p>