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Books 2 & 3 Discussion Questions

1. Book 2 – How & Wells, in their Oxford commentary, remark: “As Herodotus introduces his long digression on Egypt with a reference to the conquest of the Greeks (c. I. 2), so he skilfully concludes with a similar reference.” (p. 256) Even with such an erudite observation, one may still be wondering ‘what does any of Book 2 have to do with the Persian invasion of Greece?’ Let’s look at it from Herodotus’ Hellenocentric point of view. What do Herodotus’ observations tell about Herodotus as a Greek? Are his observations an attempt to re-define Egypt according to Greek culture? or is Herodotus too much influenced by Egyptian culture to make accurate statements in his History?

2. Book 3 – The rise and fall of Cambyses – How does Herodotus measure the sanity of Cambyses? How does Cambyses take advice and counsel in comparison with his precedessor Cyrus?

3. Book 3 – The rise of Darius – How should we view the transfer of power from Cambyses to Darius? Is this a monarchy? despotism? tyranny? oligarchy?


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