Bob Strassler’s Q&A session with the Thucydides reading group

Bob Strassler, editor of the Landmark Thucydides, held a wonderful Q&A session tonight, Monday, June 15 at 8pm eastern with the Thucydides reading group.

– Audio
You can Download BobStrassler-June15-2009-Thucydides-QNA here.

– Twitter
You can see the comments on Twitter made by the listeners (led by Dan and Tim).

And in the comments below you can see some of the questions that readers asked.

I want to thank each of the readers for tackling this great book over the last six months. If they are like me, reading it has changed the way they see and think. 

And I want to thank Andre for his work as the moderator. He really cares about creating a good experience for the readers and his efforts deserve our applause.


15. June 2009 by Arrian
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