Frankenstein and the 4th of July?

We had a wonderful phone call this last week with Laurie
Sheck, poet and author of “A Monster’s Notes” – a 
reimagining of Frankenstein.

Here is my suggested way to spend the 4th of July at
your picnic or on the beach.

1. While driving to the beach, listen to Laurie’s 
wonderful lecture now avialable in mp3 format to

2. Then, read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

3. And, then read Laurie Sheck’s “A Monster’s Notes”

What a great way to spend the long holiday weekend!

Send me photos of you on the beach with your
two Frankenstein books – impressing your friends
and delighting your neurons. 

Read comments from Laurie’s audience here:

Feedback from the lecture included:

“What a great call! Laurie was just wonderful – so 
brilliant, sensitive, intuitive – it all came through 
in her story about the her process of writing the book. 
Really terrific!”

“That was Monstrous….wonderful & fun too. I really 
enjoyed hearing about Laurie’s own writing life and 
her process of creating the beast that is a book.”

“Great call! She’s a lovely soul, and her passion for 
reading and writing is contagious.”

03. July 2009 by Arrian
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