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Thankful for Darwin

On this 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s publication of “Origin of Species”, I’m thankful for his multi-decade effort to understand one of the greatest questions of human history: where do we come from?When I asked Stanford biologist Robert S… Continue reading

25. November 2009 by Arrian
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The great recession, Herodotus and hidden treasures?

The great recession we are experiencing reinforces a timeless observation made by the pioneering Greek historian Herodotus: “Human prosperity never abides long in the same place.” The New York Times concluded a recent article about the recession w… Continue reading

29. July 2009 by Arrian
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Frankenstein and the 4th of July?

We had a wonderful phone call this last week with LaurieSheck, poet and author of “A Monster’s Notes” – a reimagining of Frankenstein.Here is my suggested way to spend the 4th of July atyour picnic or on the beach.1. While driving to the beach, li… Continue reading

03. July 2009 by Arrian
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Wisdom is a habit?

There’s been a lot of discussion in the Reading Odysseycommunity lately about wisdom, community and habits.When we read the Bible, we saw that King Solomon got hiswisdom as a gift from God. Wisdom was a divine attribute ofthe individual, who was e… Continue reading

18. June 2009 by Arrian
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Plane of possibility?

This is the inaugural newsletter of the Reading Odyssey – the informal organization (in process of becoming a formal nonprofit) that I began with the intent to help adults – including myself – learn to think and to see in new ways through reading … Continue reading

03. June 2009 by Arrian
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