Instructions for Slow Art I (aka Art Watch)

I look forward to seeing you and others tomorrow, Saturday, August 8 at MoMA for the the first Slow Art (aka Art Watch).

Keep the following in mind:

1. This is not an official MoMA event
Pay for the museum entry fee and go view the paintings that you selected. Be courteous to other folks around you and *don’t* ask anyone at MoMA for info on “Art Watch” – this is not an official event!

2. Text me through my cell phone or call me on my cell when you arrive
I’d like to know who is in the museum – and let me know if you plan to stay for lunch.

3. You can view the paintings you selected (or others) from 10 minutes to 60 minutes…
It’s up to you how long you want to view the paintings you selected (or others). The average museum visitor spends about *8* seconds per painting. Anything longer than that is a good start 😉

4. What if you can’t find your painting?
I came up with the list of paintings based on what MoMA said on its website was currently on display. It’s possible, however, that one or more paintings are on loan to another museum. If you can’t find the painting you signed up for, then simply find another painting.

5. We are meeting at the cafeteria at 1pm
The good folks at Danny Meyer’s restaurants contacted me and set aside a table for 6 at 1pm tomorrow, Saturday. 

Come ready to see and listen with your eyes. 

I look forward to it!



08. August 2009 by Arrian
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